5 thoughts on “Children’s Book Festival

  1. Margaret Bergin

    Hi Bianca. Thanks for letting me know about going to the Book Festival. We went to the cultural Festival at Fed Square…..that was great fun so we didn’t want to leave.
    2 great festivals on 1 day!
    Was it worth the hour you had to wait? They are very popular so I can understand the long queue. Which book did you get signed?


  2. biancal34e

    Hi Library Marg,

    I went to the Children Book Festival last week and i met Terry Denton and Andy Griffths . We had to wait 1 hr to get my book sign.


  3. Margaret Bergin

    Hello Sophie,
    We might be lucky to see some of them. Who would be your top pick?
    Today, I met Corrine Fenton. Lucky me!
    She wrote Queenie, The Dog on the Tuckerbox and a story about the Carousel at Luna Park. She is very good at writing stories and poetry. I’ll show you her books on Thursday. She is an inspirational author.

  4. Sophie

    That looks like so much fun!!!!!
    I would love to meet all of those awesome authors and illustrators.

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