Let’s start sharing reviews of the books we have been reading.
We’ll use  GREAT BOOKS, the link at the top of the blog and let’s write about books!    At the end of term we can vote on the most interesting reviews and that student will win a prize. A book voucher, of course.


This is an example of a review written by a Year 3 student. She is a keen reader and loves to read and write stories.

George’s Marvellous Medicine

by Roald Dahl   medicine The book goes like this. Most grandmas are nice people. But not George’s grandma. She is mean and grumpy! So George wants to teach her a lesson. When she has to have her NORMAL medicine what does George do? He makes his own medicine out of everything he can find and this medicine will send her flying through the roof. Click on the picture to watch a preview of a play about the story here.


Reviewer:  (name)
Rating: 10/10
Ages: About 7-11

This is the link to Clairvaux school’s Senior students  “Book Bytes” reviews….have a look!      Book Bytes


Here’s another example of a great review from the LRC library blog.

Dragon Blood Pirates by Dan Jerris

Have you read the Dragon Blood Pirates series yet?  If you are looking for secrets, mysteries, adventure and action then this pirate series might be for you!  Join Al and Owen who are mysteriously transported into a land of warring pirates and the dangerous Dragon Blood Islands.

“Only the bravest and heartiest adventures amon’ye should dare t’ enter our magical Dragon Blood Pirates world!”  Visit the Dragon Blood Pirates if you dare!


What do you like about the Dragon Blood series?




10 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEWS

  1. Thomas L

    I recommend the warriors series, by Erin Hunter. It’s about cats being trained as a warrior. Make sure you read the first book! Its also probably also my favorite series, since it’s full of action! BUT (yes, there is a but..) there’s none in our school library! There is however one negative thing about it, it’s confusing when you first read the book. There are cats’ names that can be a noun. Eg: Firestar. And there are languages that might confuse you, like the term for cars, are monsters. And stuff like that, but other than that it’s a great book!

  2. Thomas L

    Want a great book?
    Morris Gleitzman’s “Once” is a
    GREAT book. Especially if you’re trying to find a great book to read. Its mainly about the Nazis trying to take over the Jews. It’s sad but can make a heart warm.

  3. Margaret Bergin

    Hello Nhi…Thank you for telling us about your book. You love learning about a lot of different things and it’s great to have a book that inspires you. Is it a book we should get for the library?

  4. Margaret Bergin

    Hello Billy,
    “Wonder” has to be one of my top reads for this term. I agree with you, especially about the story having so much heart.
    I don’t know about a movie….My imagination and heart engaged with reading this but I don’t think a movie wouldn’t do that so well.
    We’ll wait and see if it happens and how the director makes the movie. What would you suggest…how would a director approach the movie?

    Any more good books to recommend to me for the holidays?

  5. billy

    “Wonder” book review

    Blurb: my name is August. I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking it’s probably worse.
    Review: This book is fantastic! The book focuses on August and his sister and friends and dealing with August’s disfigured face.
    This book works in so many ways like focusing on someone who is normal in many respects but just because he has a disfigured face everyone treats him differently.
    For only $16.99 you get a great drama, action and heart and a book that will move you.
    Age: 7 and up
    Let’s hope a movie is made. 

  6. Nhi

    My book is The Alta of the World. I like this book because when I usually do my home work about countries or some where around Earth, I look in the book and it tells me some facts about the country and it tells me what countries there are in the world. I know where lego comes from. It comes from Denmark. I even know where rubber comes from. It comes from the sap of rubber trees at the very bottom of Asia. Australia is the smallest continent in the world.

  7. Margaret Bergin

    Hello Grace,
    Thanks for commenting on the library blog. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and get to do lots of reading while it’s cold outside.

  8. Margaret Bergin

    Hello Joshua,
    Did you also read the 13 storey tree house? Do you think Andy will write another book in this series? Have you got any ideas about what he could put into another tree house?

    Happy reading. Happy holidays.

  9. joshua coates

    13 storey tree house

    Don’t just stand there! Come on up to the 13 storey tree house! It’s got a see through swimming pool, a man eating shark tank, an automatic marshmallow machine that flows your favorite flavor into your mouth when you’re hungry, a cananpult, a games room and a lemonade fountain. So what are you waiting for? Come on up!

  10. Grace

    The Sun Sword Trilogy is a great book so far. The characters are Willem and lots more characters.
    If you’re looking for a great mystery series to read, look at The Sun Sword Trilogy!!!!
    As also a great plot and scene it is making the story EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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