The Book Week Winners


‘A Bus Called Heaven” won the Picture Story Book category.

You might like to watch this link to “A Bus called Heaven” window display:



“Flood” and “The Dream of the Thylacine” also received Honour awards.

“The Runaway Hug” won the Early Childhood category.

“Come Down, Cat” and “That’s Not a Daffodil” received Honour awards.

Do you agree with the CBCA judges?       Why?

5 thoughts on “The Book Week Winners

  1. Isabella

    Hi all,
    My fav book was Flood because it was really interesting and the water dripping from the pictures makes it look really cool. The artist used his left hand to do the background.

  2. Sophie

    The Thylacine was a great book I loved it. The language the author used was cool like how they said the trees have arms.. it’s called personification. We learnt it in seconds. After we read it we got inspiration with the words it reminded us about in those spy movies, how they cut out letters and stick them on paper. We did that but we chose sayings and quotes.

  3. Margaret Bergin

    Kitty, Were you inspired by Sir David Attenborough? I saw his photo with the rare stick insect, saved from extinction.
    The 5/6 students wrote some poetry after reading “The Dream of the Thylacine”. I will ask them to share it on our blog.

  4. Kitty

    Hi All ,
    On Friday Me, Nell, Mum and Dad went to see Sir David Atenborough. I can relate to The Dream of the Thylacine because I get the same emotion that I get when somthing about animals happens. The author uses a technique called personification. It means when a writer or poet uses emotive and human languge like the arms of the mountins over all it was a great book.

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